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About the Center for Entrepreneurship

The overall objective of the AUBG Center for Entrepreneurship is to promote and support entrepreneurship and innovation-driven growth in Southeastern Europe. By promoting entrepreneurial and innovative thinking among young people and professionals in the region, AUBG can accelerate the creation of new business and social ventures. This will lead to unconventional solutions to social or community problems, facilitate the creative use of technology and new media, and aid institutional and civil society development. The ultimate goal of these activities is a broad socio-economic impact in Bulgaria, the Balkan region, Eastern Europe and Eurasia. These are regions where national states have tried to embrace and promote political and economic reforms, but these developments have been slow and often superficial, resulting in minor change toward a united, democratic and transparent region. This project is an invaluable opportunity for addressing some of the issues that cause this slow transformation in order to provide a safe and skillful environment for promotion and support of entrepreneurialism and innovative thinking in a region where these concepts are still rather unknown and people have difficulty acknowledging their benefit.

AUBG is well-equipped to become the center of this professional
service network as it already has a number of very successful programs, initiatives and groups that support entrepreneurs and businesses in the region as well as research coming out of AUBG. The goal of the CEI is to further facilitate and promote the provision of these services by:

- Proactively seeking entrepreneurial opportunities within the University and the region.

- Building and maintaining a network of service providers and interacting with national and regional networks to maximize the probabilities of entrepreneurial success.

- Organizing efforts to provide a seamless service to faculty and students of AUBG and from the region as they progress through their respective stages of entrepreneurial development.

Identifying gaps in services/needs in the region and then developing plans including funding proposals to satisfy those needs.


A.   Program Description

The Entrepreneurship Minor is appropriate for students who wish to develop a business or work for a startup. The program provides an introduction to the basic concepts and principles of accounting, the appropriate marketing strategies for a new product or startup, the development of a business plan, the application process for EU funds, strategies for continuous innovation, and the skills necessary to manage change and conflict. The Entrepreneurship Minor complements other majors at AUBG by teaching non-business students how to turn their passion into a business.

B.   Learning Outcomes

The objectives of the Minor in Entrepreneurship are to enable students to:

§  understand the vocabulary of accounting;

§  understand the principles of marketing a new product or startup;

§  understand how to develop a business plan and pursue funding;

§  understand how to create a business model that strives for continuous innovation;

§  understand how to manage conflict and change within an organization.

C.   Requirements

Total: 6 courses

Required Courses (4):

            ENT 220 Financial Accounting for Entrepreneurs

            ENT 261 Marketing for Entrepreneurs

            ENT 300 Entrepreneurship

            ENT 301 Grant Writing for Entrepreneurs

Elective Courses (2):

            ENT 400 Topics in Entrepreneurship

            ENT 401 Topics in Entrepreneurship Practice

            ENT 402 Entrepreneurship Internship

ENT 440 Conflict Management

            ENT 441 Change Management

            ENT 462 New Product Development

 [The following passage will be added to the description of the Business Administration major:

BUS 220 is substitutable by ENT 220. BUS 260 is substitutable by ENT 261.

The electives for the Entrepreneurship Minor can also be counted as electives for the Business Administration major.]

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